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The "Get Powerful & Sexy Now" section on ShekouDaily is a collection of articles provided on Mondays each week by Carol Zurita: author, speaker, and life & business mentor in China since 2014. Most are personal experiences taken from her new book "Get Powerful Now, My guide to moving on." Her book is also the foundation of her workshop delivered nation-wide entitled: "GET POWERFUL AND SEXY NOW;" which focuses on empowerment to achieve better health, wealth, prosperity, success and of course, LOVE. For more information about Carol Zurita, her book or workshop, visit

Do or Die

Do or Die
The other day I attended this event about marketing content where the speaker and good friend of mine Mike Michelini said that no matter the shyness or insecurities the best way to really succeed in building a good content was doing it any

The 8 MUSTs for successful business folks

“I hate vague discussions about football. In fact I don't watch games because I AM THE GAME” said Alan Andrus, Top Investing Expert, during his speech at the Moving the Masses business congress in Denver last year.

Involved in the speaking f

Stick to the Winners

Stick to the Winners
I remember coming home even earlier than the morning light on a Thursday of winter back in my countries of origin. I was only 22 when parties and hangouts with friends were my world. Still living at my parents’ home, Mom was alw

Scare the Scary

I joined a club of writers a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling enthusiastic until the moment we all put pencil to paper and wrote a short essay. I thought I was doing fine while writing, but then we took turns to read our works aloud. My excitement

Rock Your Ideas and Grow Rich

Among the fifty attendees of thirteen nationalities at an event, all there to connect with new people and perhaps new business partners, I found myself walking around, sometimes interrupting conversations, asking others their names, jobs and other ra

Let it be!

Twenty-four months ago when I faced a big challenge that changed my life, I struggled to adjust myself to the new reality. So impatient was always present along with the worry that couldn't be more assertive during those tough moments. As a resolu...

The Chain of Favors

People are now starting to return from their Chinese Spring Festival holiday where more than half of our town was away. Dogs, Cats, birds and who knows what other pet were left home. Pet boarding places increased their prices 50% and some even 100% m

Working 8 hours a day won't make you a millionaire

The forty hour labor time has been standardized in many countries world wide. Except for Sweden, Switzerland, Germany or Norway among other few nations that despite their shortest working weeks, t

To Give or Not to Give

To give or not to give

Nine years ago back in my home country during Christmas season I got asked to donate few dollars to give to charity. I refused to do it because I thought poor people are poor because they create that reality for themselve

On Sale!

195 countries, 7 billion people, 6,500 languages sharing one common habit, shopping. No matter how often you shop, or what you shop for, we all do it! And It happens because those 'evil' marketing professionals are always pursuing the best way to con