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Shekou Stars: Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap (MTG) is not only the longest playing foreign band in all of Shenzhen, they are the first foreign band to have secured themselves a home here in Shekou. After eleven years of ingenuity, hard work, and kickass music, they've earned what m

Brothers in Shekou Fundraising for Family

What can be worse than the feeling of helplessness we get when a family member needs us but we're hundreds or thousands of miles away in a foreign country? Brothers Arnold and Mark Buenviaje are living...

Ecuadorian Community Gathers in Shekou to Support Earthquake Victims

Carolina Zurita, a motivational speaker and writer from Ecuador, has been working tirelessly since news of the massive 7.8 earthquake that hit her home country April 16th. Her goal, to help her compatriots that have been displaced by the disaster.

Shenzhen Dragons in the All-China Cup Championship Finals

By 2013 Shenzhen’s only full contact Rugby team was in danger of dying out. The excitement and popularity the Dragons had built in their first few years representing Shenzhen in matches and tournaments across the country was slowly withering away. If

Simon Says: Who should be liable for an unidentified falling object?

One fine evening, Jack was walking his Samoyed in the streets of Beijing. He heard a noise above and stopped to look up. It seemed to be a couple having a fight. Suddenly, down came a beer bottle and Jack got hit in the head. The poor man fainte...

Simon Says: Is crowdfunding illegal in China?

Steven Iceberg was a fresh graduate from the Beijing Film Academy, and he majored in directing. One of his classmates, Roald Dial was a writer with super fans on his ibooks about the scary dinosaurs and Steven is also a big fan of his stor...

Simon Says: Can preemptive right stop any transfer of shares?

Jack, Dan and Com own, one of the largest e-commerce corporation based in Beijing. Com owns 80% of the shares and is the legal representative, and Jack and Dan each own 10%. They are all directors of Jill, a graduate from the Centr...

Simon Says: Who compensates you if you get injured in a shopping mall?

Jackson was shopping with his dad, Jack in Kerry Centre, Chengdu. He wanted to get his dad a Chinese Tunic Suit as a birthday present, as his dad loved Chinese style clothing. After buying the suit, his dad, as a diabetic, needed to use the toil...

Join the 9th Annual Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair!

Sunshine Academy is holding its 9th Annual Benefit Fair November 11th! Sign up today to get involved! Sunshine Academy Ninth Annual Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair 第八届阳光公益游园会
November 11, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Simon Says: Can Property Management Office cut off your water supply?

Jill is a resident of the Beverly Hill in the suburb of Guangzhou, a luxury prime location where many listed companies’ CEOs and the billionaires reside. One day, when she returned home late night, she found that all the things in her home were turne