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Among the fifty attendees of thirteen nationalities at an event, all there to connect with new people and perhaps new business partners, I found myself walking around, sometimes interrupting conversations, asking others their names, jobs and other random topics. It has been a while since I attended an event like this. As I heard people talking and I couldn't believe the variety of industries everyone was dealing with. From expensive rejuvenance products to robotics producers. All I could think about was the millions of brilliant minds creating better ways to make our lives easier and more comfortable.


Carol Zurita - Rock Your Ideas & Grow Rich


When was my turn to share about my job, I spoke about my strong desire for offering new products to the booming new Chinese consumers. I am a newbie in the importation field but I persist in growing the market for the small and medium artisans back in my dearest South America.


A Swiss businessman is sharing some tips regarding shipping so I listened attentive while also thinking about the beauty of humanity. I mean, how easy is it now to get help from others when needed. An immense feeling of gratitude covers me and I smiled, interested in getting his contact so I could think of ways to cooperate, eventually.


Ultimately, I came across  this new understanding, “as soon as we figure out our life purpose, then opportunities and sources arise and everything turns possible.”


Carol Zurita - Rock Your Ideas & Grow Rich

Poverty and hate is created in people’s mind when lack is around them. In consequence, wars and misery can decrease by simple actions of sharing knowledge and experiences to those who are hungry to learn and grow. Living in this era of information, money is no longer the number one tool to reach goals.


All these seven billion people in the world are perfectly connected with each other and the divine intelligence, so, it makes us creators and providers. I believe in the power of giving and receiving. For thus one of my favorite quotes of Zig Ziglar says, “You will get all you want by helping other get what they want.” So I wonder, “What else can we do to be part of the solution to the world?”


I thought of using this article to kindly invite young brilliant minds to get together and discuss businesses and in consequence develop a strong community of solution makers for ourselves and others overseas striving for a change.


Carol Zurita - Rock Your Ideas & Grow Rich


This community intends to educate, connect and support simple business ideas and consequently to grow wealth and independence. The formal post will be announced soon via Wechat. In the meantime, please drop your comments and ideas below. 


And, thanks to you all for the love and support reading this article and the previous ones.



Carol Zurita

About the Author: Carol Zurita

Carol Zurita is an author, speaker, and life & business mentor in China since 2014. Carol is traveling country-wide with her seminars and workshops for foreign entrepreneurs and professionals in China. "Get Powerful and Sexy Now" and "Rock your Ideas and Grow Rich." The seminars are both practical guides with great content to help women and men start a better life, either for themselves or their business. Her upcoming book "Get Powerful Now,my guide to moving on" will be published by the summer of 2017 in English, Spanish and Chinese. Learn more about her and her seminars in or her wechat 13798300452.


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