The Best Fresh Juice in Shekou?!

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In Peninsula 2, just by the main gate, hides a store unlike any other in Shekou. That store is called Welsion's. Don't get me wrong, Shekou has many juice shops that try to offer the best juice possible, but most end up not being "fresh enough" or are just too expensive for the likes of us, the customers. If you have been in that same boat, I am happy to announce that Welsion's is not only entirely fresh, but also just in the sweet spot of pricing, ending up not being expensive whatsoever.


When talking to an ex-worker, I learned that "Welsion's gets one fresh fruit delivery per week," to which is just perfect. This means that it does not matter when you visit Welsion's, you will get the freshest experience possible, something hard to find in Shekou. 


Welsions Juice in Peninsula 2 Shekou Shenzhen China


The owner not only has a phenomenal business, he also has a phenomenal personality. Harry is an amazing, charismatic, kind person, that loves to show his love for making juice for the community. He handles most of the juice making himself and oh boy, does he do it well. His kindness also does us, the customers, very well. For example, on international Women's day he offered a "buy one and get one free" special for any product in his store.


Welsion's also has a variety of snacks and dishes, including desserts and even burgers, but the shop itself focuses on fresh juices. So if you are a die hard fan of fresh juices and smoothies and you have been so far disappointed by Shekou's offerings, then head down to Peninsula 2's Welsion. Take my word for it, you will enjoy your experience!



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