Four Fantastic Summer Programs for Boys and Girls

on 06/08/2016 - 09:05 am

Yes, it's true that the months of June, July and August slow down considerably here in Shekou; however, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the summer if you're sticking around. Here are four fantastic summer programs as well as a few extra tips for those staying in Shekou. 


TLI Shenzhen Chinese Immersion Summer Program

If you're looking for something to do this summer and want to learn Chinese in a fun and interactive way then sign up for this 90-hour 3-Week Chinese Immersion Summer Program at TLI. They offer two sessions for you convenience. Session 1 is from June 20th to July 8th and Session 2 is from July 18th to August 5th.  TLI has been teaching Mandarin for over 60 years and has offices in Shekou and Futian as well as all over China. They've put together a program where you not only learn to speak Mandarin with confidence but also explore Shenzhen and Chinese culture. The Program is suitable for anyone age 8 and up. For more information click the "Session 1" or "Session 2" links or call: 2161-8221.

TLI - Shenzhen (Taipei Language Institute) Chinese Immersion Summer Program





Summer Program of Archery, Arts and Language at BEST Archery Center

Confucius once said: "In archery we have something like the way of the superior man." BEST Archery Center is now offering kids from 7 to 18 years old a chance to have fun and find the way of the superior man (or woman). This is an entry level course by USAA Professional Instructors for youth archers following the USAA development program. It teaches safety, provides an archery foundation and is geared for fun. Kids learn commands and bow basics, stance, hook, grip, raising the bow to set up, anchoring, and release and follow through; as well as enjoy competitions and prizes each week! There are multiple camps held from June 13th to August 19th with flexible options; including arts, pencil sktch, painting, Calligraphy, Language Learning and more. For more information click here or call 135 1082 6908.Best Archery Center Summer Program





Experience an Epic Journey with R+ - Summer Camp Trip to Inner Mongolia

If you'd like to do some traveling in China this summer, R+ Fitness has put together an epic journey to experience life in Inner Mongolia. Enjoy the endless prairie, the blue sky and white clouds, the stars and the sheep, horse riding, archery, wrestling and more. There are three travel dates for your convenience: July 3rd to July 9th; July 12th to July 18th and July 21st to July 27th. The groups are limited to 10-12 families (parent & child) so sign up and secure your spot today. For the complete itinerary, pricing and other details, click here or call 135 9017 2529.R+ Summer Trip to Inner Mongolia





Soccer Summer Camp in Shekou for Boys & Girls Age 5-12 years old

Young boys and girls can now have fun learning soccer from professional Brazilian coaches this summer! This 10 day camp is offered 3 times in July & August and takes place in Soccer World in the Shekou Sports Center. Times are Monday through Friday 8:30-10am for kids 9 to 12 and from 5-6:30pm for kids 5 to 8! For more information, pricing and other details click here, call 180.2766.2927 or add WeChat ID: DreamFootballAcademy
Dream Football Academy Summer Camps







By now you've probably all seen the notice. Multiple sources have confirmed that this poster is true and to expect police to conduct an operation in mid June to ensure foreigners are registered. If you haven't registered already, be sure to do so by June 17th! If you just can't be bothered with doing this, but don't want to break the law, call Kiko at 150.1413.7004 and she'll gladly meet up with you to take care of it for you. 

Foreigners need to register at the Police Station





FREE 3-Liter Tower of Tiger Beer at X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant

It seems there are a lot of people leaving China this year. If you're one of the dearly departing, or are friends with those who are, stop by X-TA-SEA and receive a FREE 3-Liter Tower of Tiger Beer to help say good-bye. Some terms and conditions do apply; including a limit of one Free 3-Liter per table and you must show proof of moving. For example, one-way airplane ticket, Facebook Status, WeChat Moments, Work Contract, etc. Reservations are NOT Required; however, you’re welcome to call Maggie for bookings 136.8954.1605. X-TA-SEA is located on the first floor of the Minghua Cruise Ship. Live Music starts nightly from 10pm and you can even enjoy the lightshow from Da Patio behind the ship.
FREE 3L Tower of Tiger Beer at X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant in Sea World




Want to just sit back and relax this Summer?

Every Monday to Saturday children (6-11) who enjoy the lunch buffet can also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool for an extra RMB 60 each. Adults can too for just an extra RMB 80 each. Regular price is RMB218+15% or half off for kids. One child can enjoy it free with two paying adults! With Brunch on Sundays, Children(6-11) pay an extra RMB 30 each; and Adults RMB 40 each. Sunday Brunch is RMB 388+15%. Children 0-5 are free. This is not applicable on Holidays or festivals! OPEN is located on the first floor of the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel. For more information, call 2162.8888.
Cool Summer Swimming at the Hilton





 Have a great summer!


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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ALL DAY Thursdays at Hammock Bar & Restaurant

All beers on tap and house wine are buy 1 get 1 FREE ALL DAY Thursday at Hammock Bar & Restaurant. Beers on tap include: Vedett Extra White, Liefmans Fruitesse and Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale.

Ladies Drink FREE @ X-TA-SEA's 5-NIGHT Ladies NightS
Ladies Drink FREE @ X-TA-SEA's 5-NIGHT Ladies NightS

Ladies drink FREE from 8pm-12 midnight Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays while enjoying live music in Sea World!

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