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Tour of Dental Bauhinia Shekou Branch with Dr. Zac Morse

on 03/02/2017 - 08:43 am

Come meet Dr. Zac Morse and take a tour with us of Dental Bauhinia's new Shekou Clinic, recently opened in Coastal Rose Garden 2. This is its second branch in Shenzhen; the first being in Futian District.
With Dr. Morse from Australia seeing patients at this new clinic, Shekou finally has a Western expat dentist to serve it's growing international community.

Dental Bauhinia can be reached at 0755 - 8827-0822, or click here for more information.

AlphaSphere Introduction and Giveaway - Interview at the Terrace in Sea World

on 02/18/2017 - 11:45 am

Gary Isse of ShekouDaily sat down with Diego Alcala, one of the creators of Alfie and the Alpha Sphere, at the Terrace in Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen to learn more about their exciting new musical instrument.

If you'd like to learn more, you can visit their web site at: AlphaSphere.cn or scan the QR Code below to join their Crowdfunding WeChat group for a chance to get one of your own for just 600 RMB. These will be retailing on JD.com for 1,500 RMB after the crowdfunding campaign.

If you're a Western Family and have a child that would like to learn music you may be able to get an Alfie for FREE! Please ...

Promised Land Documentary

on 11/22/2016 - 02:23 pm

Please watch this heart-felt documentary on the work Promised Land is doing to help children in China. To learn more about, or donate to, the Promised Land Annual Fundraiser, click here.

Documentary Transcript:
I1: 应许之地是一家慈善机构,它是针对在深圳的,外来务工人员的自闭症的孩子,是罗老师一手创办的
T: The Promised Land is a charity that targets the autistic children of workers from Mainland China, and was created solely by Mrs. Reynolds.
We are a registered Hong Kong charity, working with individuals in China that have mental disabilities and developmental disabilities such as autism, brain damage, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mentally retarded, and ADHD, and other developmental disabilitie ...

Donate to Charity in November - Get Free Food & Drinks at Terrace

on 11/12/2016 - 08:55 pm

You've probably heard of Movember by now, or at least seen guys go unshaven during the month of November. But if you're like me, you may still be wondering what exactly growing a moustache helps to accomplish.

Throughout this last year, ShekouDaily has been involved with quite a few charity events across Southern China; more so as word spread that we gladly go out of our way to support charities. So it came as no surprise that we were approached by a few people asking if we'd get involved with Movember. In each of these cases, we asked the same question: "What is it we should do and how does it help the cause?" The answers were pretty much the same... "Grow a stache b ...

Expat Couple of Shekou Harassed on Shenzhen Metro

on 11/08/2016 - 07:22 am

“We were so, so afraid. Something like that has never happened to us in China," Larissa from Brazil tells Sky Gidge of That's PRD. The article published yesterday recounts the terrifying incident her and her husband experienced while strollling the shops outside the Che Gong Miao Metro Station in Futian, Shenzhen yesterday at 2 p.m.
The man in question achieved notoriety last year after That's PRD reported of this aggressive foreign panhandler. Guide in China also published that he has been accused of sexually assaulting a foreign women.
Luckily we haven't seen any reports that he targets the Shekou area nor that he resides in Shekou; however, please keep your eyes op ...

That's PRD Helps Clear Expat-Supporter's Name

on 10/15/2016 - 07:36 pm

A Shekou expat was recently attacked, and accused of being a police collaborator, by the widely disregarded and sensationalistic GlobalNews, after he helped us avoid police detention and fines earlier this week. That's PRD, with their team of seasoned professional writers and researchers, helped uncover the truth behind the story.
Click here for more on this shameful attack on one of our own.

Juanito is Back! Look Out Sea World!

on 08/10/2016 - 11:51 am

Juan Hernandez, aka Juanito, returned to Shekou this week after spending four months as GM of McCawley's in Futian. He hasn't returned to the McCawley's family though. He has a new role as GM of one of Shenzhen's top Food and Beverage/Entertainment companies.
The Riverflow Group has hired Juanito as the new Manager of Shark Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant in Sea World.

Juanito has a long history in Shekou. Many of you may already know him from his role at Coyote's Mexican Cantina (Now Tequila Coyote's Mexican Food & Grill). He was the first cook hired when Coyote's opened in 2010 and was promoted to manager just 10 months later. Coyote's ...