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Is Vaping Allowed Now That Smoking is Banned Indoors?

on 01/18/2017 - 05:32 pm

Since the city of Shenzhen announced last month that it would start enforcing it's ban on smoking indoors many bars and restaurants have started curtailing the use of cigarettes in their establishments. Public opinion has varied on the matter; however, another question has also come up repeatedly... "Is vaping indoors okay?"
With growing number of smokers and non-smokers alike now vaping, business owners and managers aren't quite sure whether they should be asking them to "step outside" or not. One restaurant manager asked us about it just a few days ago... "We're hearing different things, that's why we're asking you. I figure if anyone would know, it'd be you."

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Gary's Quit Log - January 1, 2017

on 01/02/2017 - 11:33 am

Summary of Day 1:
OK. I've committed to quit smoking. I do still have a pack of cigarettes with me that I bought on New Year's Eve and I'm being very flexible for a few days as I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions.
I survived Day 1 without any major incidences. There was a feeling of missing satisfaction all day long; however, all-in-all I'm quite happy that I only smoked 2 cigarettes from my usually 20+. 

Here's my rationale/background. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or questions, please write them in the Comments section below:
 - I'm a pack-a-day smoker
 - The city has banned smoking indoors...
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