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Photo Showcase: Shenzhen's New Western Binhai Promenade (From Sea World to Shenzhen Bay Sports Park)

on 06/22/2017 - 04:51 pm

After nearly two years of intense construction, the 6.6km Western Binhai Promenade, from Sea World to the Shenzhen Bay Sports Park is about to open to the public. China Merchants Shekou has recently shared these great photos.

Pictures of the Parks
There are six recommended scenic areas along the newly constructed coastal promenade.

1. Modern Design
Newly designed corridors

2. Flower Garden
The coastline boasts many beautiful flower species: 蓝花楹、红花玉蕊、中华无忧树、假苹婆、朴树、水蒲桃、银海枣、龙船花树、仪花、腊肠树等

3. Steel Lighthouse
Incorporates Shekou's industrial roots into the park's design.

4. Stunning Natural Views of the Mountain, Sea, and Sky
Enj ...

WIN a Stay at the NEWLY Remodeled Nanhai Wing of the Hilton Hotel in Shekou

on 06/21/2017 - 04:30 pm

The beautiful new Nanhai Wing of the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel is now open and the facilities are amazing. It's a beautiful venue open to both residents and visitors alike. 
I had the pleasure of touring the new facilities earlier this month and I couldn't stop thinking about all the different kinds of events that could be held there. This got me thinking of a great contest idea for our readers...

Send us your ideas for events that could be held at the new Nanhai Wing of the Hilton for a chance to win a one-night stay there!

They have so many great areas that can be used; including their dining areas, sports facilities, gardens, children's area, and even indoor relaxtio ...

Police Out Checking Foreigners and Taking Furniture from Rose Garden Businesses

on 06/18/2017 - 03:59 pm

UPDATE: Latest photos at 4:32pm at Volfoni.

UDPATE: Latest photos at 4:28pm in front of Volfoni.


UPDATE: 4:25pm. It appears they are only taking furniture and not checking visas or registration of foreigners. One officer was overheard telling a shop owner that they will get a fine of 500 RMB for each square meter that has furniture outside.

UPDATE: New photos taken at 4:15pm

UPDATE: 4:10PM: They're heading towards the Snake Pit

At 3:45pm on Sunday June 18th we received a call that the police/chungguan were out checking foreigners and taking outdoor furniture of establishments in Coastal Rose Garden 2. By 3:50pm they were at the new ...

Fire at RenRenLe Supermarket on GongYuan Nanlu in Shekou, Shenzhen

on 06/13/2017 - 07:11 pm

A fire broke out today at the RenRenLe Supermarket on GongYuan Nanlu at about 6pm.  

Photo Credit: ShekouDaily
An employee told us the fire was due to an electric short in a bathroom on the first floor. Another employee added they believe it's also due to recycled materials stored in the bathrooms.

Video Credit: ShekouDaily

By 6:50pm employees could be seen entering the RenRenLe. 

Photo Credit: ShekouDaily

Video Credit: ShekouDaily
The fire department arrived quickly to put out the fire. By 7pm they were gone. No official announcement has been made as to the cause nor when the supermarket may reopen to customer ...

WARNING: Merbok Floods Shenzhen - City Alert (Photos and Videos)

on 06/13/2017 - 09:31 am

This morning the City of Shenzhen released the following warning about flooding caused by Merbok. Please take care! (Translated via Google Translate):
Shenzhen city warned: public bike bus submerged area, please do not close! May leak! Has been hit! Do not praise! Seeking Forward! Rainy days to avoid close to easy leakage power! Please actively forward and reduce innocent casualties. Emergency reminder rain for drainage, a lot of covers are open, pay attention to the foot of the foot, see the place where the rain hit the whirlpool, detours. We must pay attention to safety when traveling!

These five videos were taken at about 11:30am on the corner of Kangle Lu and HaiChang Jie.


Famous Chinese Soccer Player Visits Shekou Primary School Students

on 06/08/2017 - 07:45 pm

On June 7th, 2017 Bai Jie, a famous Chinese Female Soccer/Football player, made her second visit to Hai Wan Primary School on Hai Chang Street in Shekou this year.
Bai Jie played on various teams since 1997 and has won many awards and received many commendations.  For example, in December of 1997 she was on the winning team at the 11th AFC Women's Asian Cup in Guangzhou. In 1998, she played on the China team which took first place at the Asian Games in Bangkok. In 1999 played on the China national team; which came second place at the 3rd Female World Cup Football Games in the U.S. "The final between the U.S. and China, held on July 10 at the Rose Bowl in Pasaden ...

Stabbed French Hero Speaks Out As He Approaches His Release Date

on 06/02/2017 - 10:12 am

After just about one week in the hospital, John, the man dubbed Shekou's French Hero, was ready to speak out about the stabbing incident that took place on May 23rd. Watch the video below as we met with him on May 30th, the night before his release, to get an account of the event in his own words.
UPDATE: Outrage as Man Who Stabbed Expat in China Released From Prison

Police Confiscating eBikes near Shui Wan Metro Station Exit D

on 06/02/2017 - 08:48 am

Police are out confiscating eBikes in Shekou again. This time at the Shui Wan Metro Station Exit D). This seems to be becoming a regular occurrence now with reports of checkpoints spotted on a weekly basis.
If you're not sure what kind of bikes the police typically confiscate, click here for a description we published at the time of a similar incident last November.
Aside from this area, other recent check point locations include the Dongjiaotou Metro Station Exit A & D, The Sea World Metro Station, the corner of Hai Chang Street and GongYuan NanLu, and the SouthEastern corner of Sea World on Wanhai Road near the big I Love Shekou structure.
& ...

Overturned Car Blocks Hai Chang Jie at the Same Corner Where Foreigner Stabbed Last Week

on 06/01/2017 - 11:43 pm

An overturned car caused quite the scene on Hai Chang Street Thursday night. The exact time of the incident is still unclear but photos began pouring into us here at ShekouDaily from about 11pm.
A tow truck arrived to the scene at around midnight. As of 12:10am Hai Chang Street is still blocked but they are preparing to leave so the road should be re-opening shortly.

Video Provided by: Barbara, Owner of Miami Bar on Hai Chang Street at Kangle Street.
At about 11:45pm a witness on the scene overhead authorities saying the accident was due to the driver, in the white shirt, speeding and that everyone appeared to be ok.




Wi ...

[VIDEO] French "Hero" in Stable Condition After Being Stabbed Multiple Times

on 05/24/2017 - 02:35 pm

A 59 year old French man was stabbed multiple times yesterday when he stepped in to help a man that was being attacked by a intoxicated man with a knife in front of a restaurant on Hai Chang Street.
UPDATE: Outrage as Man Who Stabbed Expat in China Released From Prison (Jan 22,2018)

UPDATE: The Nanshan District Police Department released the following announcement regarding this event (translated from the image below):

5:22pm May 23rd 110 received a report that a man with a knife is hurting people on Hai Chang Street. The police arrived and detained the suspect and helped rush the injured to the hospital.
After further investigation the police confirmed the suspect's fam ...