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The Final Weekend...

on 06/23/2016 - 01:45 pm

It's the final weekend of June and things are slowing down a bit here in Shekou. The streets are quieter now that all those rambuncious teachers have left for the summer.  Couple that with all the money Brits here will loose in the exchange rate after choosing to leave the EU, means the rest of us are going to need to pick up the slack a bit. Here's a short list to help us fulfill our duties this weekend... and don't forget about the Beach Party on July 3rd! More details below. Have a great weekend!
WIN Up to 6,000 RMB CASH at X-TA-SEA 14 Year Annivesary Celebration (FRIDAY & SATURDAY)
Send your pe ...

Father's Day Weekend - 11 Things to Do For Dads and Non-Dads

on 06/17/2016 - 03:43 pm

Whether you're celebrating Father's Day this weekend or not, there's plenty of great stuff to keep you full, happy, and active Happy Father's Day to you dads out there, and Happy Weekend to everyone else!
10 Places to Watch the Euro2016
For all you football (aka: Soccer) fans in Shenzhen, we've compiled a list of 10 great places in Shekou, to watch the games. There are some great venues (some not obvious) there as well as food and drink specials (for example, free shots, all you can drink, and all you can eat deals). In case you don't already know when your favorite teams are playing, we've also included a schedule of all the games in local time. We'll be updating it with scores an ...

Dragon Boat Festival Weekend - BBQs, Dancing, Euro & More...

on 06/10/2016 - 08:54 am

Some may have taken off for the long Dragon Boat Festival weekend but that doesn't mean that the rest of us in town can't have a good time. The great thing about this weekend is all of these events are great for groups or even if you're here alone. Come on down and spend the weekend in Shekou to enjoy wth old friends or make new ones!
All-You-Can-Eat Sweet Pork Ribs PLUS Freeflow Tiger Beer at The Snake Pit
Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival Weekend at The Snake Pit with All-You-Can-Eat Sweet BBQ Pork Ribs and All-You-Can-Drink Tiger Draft Beer this Friday from 7pm. I suggest you get there early if you want to enjoy the ribs; however, the Tiger beer will flow freely until closing for a ...

Solutions to the Start of a Sad Summer

on 06/03/2016 - 05:05 pm

Sunday is the big day and there isn't much going on this weekend so it may be a good idea to rest and preserve your energy or spend the time with those that will be leaving us this summer. If you're doing the latter, there's something below to help you do that.
By now you've probably all seen the notice. Some of you may also have experienced delays due to the computer crash; or may even have been sent away to come back another day. Multiple sources have confirmed that this poster is true. If you still want to believe it's a hoax, you're entitled to your own opinion; however, we see no reason to use that as an excuse to liv ...

A Weekend of Thunderstorms... OR NOT!

on 05/27/2016 - 08:49 am

The weather report is driving me nuts. A couple of days ago they were predicting thunderstorms starting mid-week and going on through the weekend. I haven't seen any rain yet, let alone thunderstorms but they're still predicting them all weekend long. In fact, they forecast a 60% chance of thunderstorms on Sunday, 80% chance for Saturday and a 100% chance for today. Those are pretty cocky statements considering they've been wrong the last couple of days. Anyway, here's hoping that they're wrong again. Enjoy the weekend!
Online Charity Auction of Bike worth 8,000 RMB
Over the last couple of weeks, people throughout Shekou have been coming together to help out brothers Arnold ...

The 'I Love You' Weekend

on 05/19/2016 - 03:20 pm

Today is May 20th and the interwebs seem to be all abuzz with love here in China. Not officially any sort of actual holiday or celebration (yet), the hype around this day stems ultimately from human laziness. What better way to say I love you then via text with an abbreviation? The story goes that the numbers 5, 2, and 0, when pronounced together, sound like "I love you" in Chinese. 5 (pronounced "WU") sounds like "Wo" (meaning "I"), 2 (pronounced like the letter "R") for some apparently sounds like "Ai" (meaning "Love), and 0 (pronounced "LING") strangely sounds like "Ni" to some people; which means "you". It's funny how I've been here 9 years and I can't get a taxi driver to understand me ...

Friday the 13th Weekend

on 05/12/2016 - 08:02 am

If you spend any amount of time in China, you'll quickly see that the number four is their unlucky number. The counterpart for many of us is the number 13. Don't ask me why, it just is. Anyway, in case you haven't noticed yet, today is Friday the 13th! According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day, making it the most feared day and date in history. Millions refuse to even leave their house on this day. Across the pond, a study in the British Medical Journal, published in 1993, concluded that there "is a significant level of traffic-related incidences on ...

Things To Do on This Post Holiday Weekend

on 05/05/2016 - 05:03 pm

Last night was a long night! There was a lot going on and there's still plenty going on this weekend so don't let me keep you. Read on and have a great weekend!
Weekend-o De Mayo Celebrations at Pancho's & X-TA-SEA!There were parties galore last night as Shekouites poured into Coyote's, Pancho's and X-TA-SEA to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The Buffet and Mariachis drew a crowd at Pancho's and they'll continue the same tonight. The re-opening of the newly renovated Tequila Coyote's packed people in as well with their buffet and live music. Highlights at X-TA-SEA were the 50% off Margaritas and the Chili Pepper Eating Contest; the latter of which will repeat again tonight and ...

The Long Labor Day Weekend in Shekou

on 04/29/2016 - 07:19 am

The 3-Day Holiday Weekend is here... oh yeah...  There are two barbecues going on plus plenty of great parties and events! In this newsletter we've also got a chance to win 3,000, and some info about the next "Best of Shekou" competition (did somebody say Steaks & Salads?). I need to figure out how to insert the drooling emoticon into this thing. Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy reading about all the great stuff that's going on in Shekou during this long Labor Day Weekend!
All-You-Can-Eat & Drink Outdoor BBQ This Labor Day at X-TA-SEA!Come enjoy Labor Day with a typical American-style BBQ at X-TA-SEA's outdoor patio located at the starboard bow of the Mi ...

The Pre-Holiday Weekend - Let's get ready to...

on 04/22/2016 - 08:28 am

If you're out-of-town for an exhibition or trade fair, we wish you success! If you're lucky enough to still be in Shekou this weekend, here's some great stuff to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you out and about.

Happy Hours
Free Olive Oil
Best Wings Awards Ceremony
New Food deals this week
Movie Night
Free Kungfu Lessons
All-You-Can-Eat-and-Drink Outdoor Labor Day BBQ


TGIF!As we've been moving all our specials and promotions over from our old web site to the new one, I came across this TGIF drink special at the Hilton. It's been going on for a while but it's a good one so thought I'd share it here. If you're in the area, 20 RMB gin & tonics, tsing ...