Octopus Cards Discontinued! What Happens to Your Money?

on 11/07/2017 - 01:39 pm

Octopus Cards Limited recently announced that all first generation Octopus Cards will become invalid on January 20, 2018.

The company decided to replace these cards in order to keep them up-to-date with the latest security and technological advances, and to add the Octopus Online Payment Service and the ability to transfer money to and from Octopus via O! ePay.

If you have a card that looks like one of these...

Invalid First Generation Octopus Cards

Then you need to replace it.

Replace Your First Generation Octopus Cards

Can't tell if you need a new card? Here's how to be sure:

1. Check the last digit. The card numbers of First Generation On-Loan Octopus have no brackets around the last digit.

Replace Your First Generation Octopus Cards if the last digit has no brafkets

2. Listen for the special sound

Each batch of the First Generation On-Loan Octopus will receive a special prompt – a "dood-dood-dood" sound – when scanning on the Octopus readers. This prompt will be in effect for at least three months.

Click the play button below to hear the sound

What's the deadline to replace your card?

All First Generation On-Loan Octopus Cards will be divided into different batches with respective dates for when they will become invalid.

Schedule to Replace First Generation Octopus Cards

How to replace your card:

To continue using Octopus services, you can replace your First Generation On-Loan Octopus Card for free immediately at any Octopus Service Point located at the designated MTR stations and shopping malls, MTR Customer Service Centres* (except Light Rail Customer Service Centres) or the designated Kowloon Motor Bus Customer Service Centres**.

Where to Replace First Generation Octopus Cards

*If the Octopus holds an automatic add value service function, the customer must process the replacement in person and bring along their identity document for verification.

**Kowloon Motor Bus Customer Service Centres: 

Tuen Mun Customer Service Centre - Tuen Mun Central Bus Terminus, Tuen Mun

Shatin Central Bus Terminus Customer Service Centre - Shatin Central Bus Terminus, 18 Shatin Central Street, Shatin

What if I don't replace my card in time? Do I lose my stored money?

If you are not able to replace your card prior to the invalid date, you can still do so at the location above; however, if there is money on the card that you want to keep you will need to wait ten working days to receive your new card.

For queries, contact the Octopus Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2266 2222.


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