Promised Land Annual Fundraiser

on 11/15/2016 - 12:48 pm

Promised Land is a non~profit organization that teaches Chinese with mental and physical disabilities. The focus of our training is to equip children and young adults to integrate into society by either entering the public school system or into the work force. Teaching independent life skills, scholastic skills and work skills determined by the student's capability enables them to be as independent as possible. Promised Land has no set tuition. Tuition is determined by the financial situation of the student's family: many pay nothing and most live at Promised Land. Promised Land is the only school available for most of our students due to the severity of their disability, their financial situation and residency restrictions. Join us in changing lives and providing a brighter future for these special individuals.


“应许之地”是一家致力于为智障和残疾的中国孩童提供教育的非盈利机构。 我们培训的重点在于装备少年儿童和年青的成人融入社会, 无论是进入公立学校系统或走上社会的工作岗位。 “应许之地”根据每一个学生的潜质和能力情况进行因材施教,教授其独立生活技能、学习技能和工作技能, 使学生尽可能地独立。“应许之地”不设固定的学费。 学费乃由具体学生的家庭财务状况决定: 许多交不起费的孩子,得以生活在“应许之地”。 对我们大多数学生来说, “应许之地”是唯一一家考虑到他们个体的残障严重程度、 家庭财务状况和居住限制情况对他们予以接纳、 让他们得以学习和生活的学校。加入我们,让我们一起来改变生命,为这些特殊而宝贵的孩子们提供一个更美好的未来。


Watch the Promised Land Introductory Video Below, or Click Here to watch the Promised Land Documentary



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In less than 6 weeks we raised over 600,000 RMB. This means we can continue our work teaching and training individuals with special needs to integrate into Chinese society. reached our fund raising goal. Thank you all of Shekou, Shenzhen community for helping us reach our fundraising goal!

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Promised Land

SHEKOU GONG YUAN NAN RD.RONG VILLAGE,BLDG 6#,4TH FL. 深圳市南山区蛇口公园南路荣村工业区6栋4楼应许之地 Telephone: 136 0308 1550. Contact: Corrinne Web Site Weibo


Goal 我们的目标:

To open the eyes of China to see that her wealth is in ALL her people!



What We Do
What We Do:

We help developmentally disabled individuals from all over China who cannot afford assistance or who are under tremendous strain.

我们主要教育并培训有发展性残疾且无法在其他机构接受培训的个人,其中主要包括:1、不符合政府资助条件的. 2、家庭条件无法支付私立培训相关机构的. 3、无法照顾好残障孩子,家里有巨大经济负担和情感压力的。


Our Programs Target:
Our Programs Target:

1.NON Shenzhen residency children, Individuals 8years old and up Low functioning adolescents and adults. 2.Individuals with developmental disabilities including: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and brain damage.



The Children:
The Children:

Most live in dysfunctional families,divorce, being cared for by a relative, very difficult family situations are common.



International Methods:
International Methods:

We use international training methods for independent life skills and scholastic skills to enter mainstream education system. Work skills training enabling them to enter the China work force.



Our Teachers:
Our Teachers:

Promised Land teachers are university graduates with majors in: special education, psychology, physical education/physical therapy, and music therapy. They are young people with a passion for their hard work.




Promised Land has no set tuition fee. Families pay what they can afford, many pay no tuition.



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