RESULTS: Best Burger in Shekou 2015

on 09/21/2015 - 05:11 pm

One of the most asked questions in the history of Shekou has finally been answered! 322 burger lovers cast 783 ballots rating 31 burgers from 13 of the greatest restaurants throughout Shekou to help us answer, once and for all (or at least for a year), which is the best burger in Shekou!

On Sunday, September 20th from 2-6pm, representatives from the 13 participating restaurants gathered with burger lovers from across the city at The Terrace in Sea World to be the first to find out!


Watch the Awards Ceremony Trailer!


Visit the Shekou Daily Photo Album for over 200 photos from the event, or for maps, telephone numbers, and more details about each of the participants, see below.


The Best Burger in Shekou Competition was sponsored by NoGoGo online groceries who provided Argon Oil prizes by Meclon to the first three people to rate burgers from all 13 restaurants, as well as lucky draw prizes at the event.



Category: Mini Burger
WINNER: X-TA-SEA Sports Bar – X-TA-SEA Mini Burgers
Finalists: Enigma – Tandoori Mango Chicken, Volfoni Bar & Grill – Little Devil’s



A special performance by The Terrace Band: T.A.S. entertained guests and participants throughout the afternoon.



Category: Veggie Burger
WINNER: Enigma – Veggie Burger
Finalist: L’epicerie – Vegetarian Burger



Imported Spanish Wine was provided at the event by Exotic Winds



Category: Exotic Burger
WINNER: Coyote’s Mexican Cantina – Sriracha Fire Burger
Finalists: The Stage Live Music – Lava Burger, L’epicerie – Blue Cheese Burger



Imported German Beer was provided at the event by Haller Lowenbrau



Category: Gourmet Burger
WINNER: The Boathouse – Steak Burger
Finalists: Shark’s Gourmet Burger, Volfoni Bar & Grill – Godfather Burger



Imported Premium Organic Tequila was provided at the event by Los Fernandez



Category: Traditional Burger
WINNER: X-TA-SEA Sports Bar – The X-TA-SEA Burger
Finalists: Brew Magic – Brew Burger, Enigma – Classic Burger



A wide variety of food was presented at the Awards Ceremony by all 13 participating restaurants.



Two honorable mentions:

Best burger from a Thai Restaurant: The Terrace – Chili Cheese Burger



Best burger in a bagel: HH Gourmet – Hog & Hen Bagel Burger



Cakes, pies, and cupcakes were provided at the event by American Pie Factory



AND NOW… for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!


WINNER of the Best Burger in Shekou is…




BUBBA MAC’s – Inside Out Burger



Before you rush out to go eat some burgers, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for participating in this event; those who took the time to go out and rate the burgers and also all of the restaurants that participated. They all put in a tremendous amount of time and energy, not to mention the discounts, prizes, and free food at the events.

The next time you’re in Shekou and going out to eat, be sure to stop by these restaurants and thank them for their involvement and dedication to bringing great Western food here to Shekou.

Those of you who have not collected your vouchers/prizes yet, please email with the name of the restaurant you would like to pick them up at and we’ll leave them there for you.

Participating restaurants include:

The Boathouse in Coastal Rose Garden Phase 2 #16
Brew Magic in Coastal Rose Garden 2 #52
Bubba Mac’s at the 3rd Floor above McCawley’s in Sea World
Coyote’s Mexican Cantina in Sea World Square
Enigma in Sea World Hai Bin Commercial Centre #6
HH Gourmet in Coastal Rose Garden Phase 2 #43-B
L’epicerie in Coastal Rose Garden 2 #35
Shark Fine Wine & Dine in Sea World
The Snake Pit in Coastal Rose Garden 2 #20
The Stage Live Music at 3-4 Xinghua Road, Sea World
The Terrace in Sea World Square (above Starbucks)
Volfoni Bar & Grill in Coastal Rose Garden 2 #32
X-TA-SEA Sports Bar inside the Minghua Ship in Sea World





Click on any of the burger images below for restaurant details like: maps, addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours, and more.


The Boathouse Burger

The Boathouse Burger

One of the three most popular sandwiches at the Boathouse, this purchase is made with 1/2 pound of beef – regularly 79 RMB

The Brew Burger

Brew Magic’s Brew Burger

¼ pound of 100% beef on a home baked and lightly toasted burger roll. Garnished with Cheese, homemade pickle, fresh iceberg lettuce, a slice of onion and finished off with homemade dill pickles and special sauce. Think Shake Shack Burger or Fat Burger in the USA! All this for a reasonable 40 RMB

The Brew Burger

The Enigma Cheeseburger

Regularly 58 RMB

The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit Cheeseburger

Regularly 65 RMB

The Terrace Cheeseburger

The Terrace Cheeseburger

The original! Packed with juicy beefiness and zesty cheese, topped off with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and our famous home-made pickles. – regularly 75 RMB


The Classic Burger at L’Epicerie

U.S. Beef/Tomato/Lettuce/Cheddar Cheese/Homemade French Fries regularly 88 RMB

The Volfoni Classic

The Volfoni Classic

Hand formed 100% beef burger served on toasted home made bun with french fries, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles – regularly 70 RMB

The X-TA-SEA Burger

The X-TA-SEA Burger

We make our own burger meat and our own rolls. Our Lead Chef has been committed to excellence for over 8 years and he knows some secrets to make our burgers juicy and flavorful. You won’t be disappointed. – regularly 73 RMB


The Herbivore at Volfoni

The Herbivore at Volfoni

Home made chickpea patty with roasted vegetables – Regular Price: 85 RMB

The Veggie Burger at Enigma

The Veggie Burger at Enigma

A chickpea patty topped with grilled vegetables and cucumber yogurt. regularly 48 RMB


The Vegetarian Burger at L’Epicerie

Mushroom/Zucchini/Tomato/Pesto sauce/Homemade French Fries: regularly 88 RMB

The Vegetarian Burger at The Snake Pit

The Vegetarian Burger at The Snake Pit

Regularly 55 RMB


The Bacon Cheeseburger at Terrace

The Bacon Cheeseburger at Terrace

For the ultimate in decadence! Start with our famous Terrace Cheeseburger and add crispy bacon to the mix. And still with our famous home-made pickles, lettuce, tomato and onion. Savor every bite! – regularly 85 RMB

The Boathouse Steak Burger

The Boathouse Steak Burger

1/2 pound of ground Strip Steak grilled to your liking – regularly 89 RMB


The Rossini Burger at L’Epicerie

U.S. Beef/Tomato/Lettuce/Foie Gras/Homemade French Fries regularly 118 RMB

The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit Pink Salmon Burger

Regularly 65 RMB

The Godfather at Volfoni

The Godfather at Volfoni

100% beef burger topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings & BBQ sauce – 88 RMB

The Gourmet Burger at Enigma

The Gourmet Burger at Enigma

Beef burger with avocado, jack cheese, homemade mustard seed aioli. Topped with whole jalapeno, parma ham and a touch of sweet chili sauce. regularly 68 RMB

The Gourmet Burger at Shark

The Gourmet Burger at Shark

Home Made Beef Patties. Aioli, Tomato Chutney, Crispy Onion, Tomato and Lettuce. Add Cheddar, Emmental, Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Avocado, Fried Egg or Bacon to your Burger for 10RMB Extra each. regularly ¥78 NOTE: ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 11AM TO 5PM

The Hog & Hen Bagel Burger

The Hog & Hen Bagel Burger at HH Gourmet

Two patties of Handcrafted Sausage patties and two slices of cheese, fried egg plus Handcrafted American Bacon topped with a bit of ketchup on a bagel of your choice (We recommend a Plain Bagel) regularly RMB 58

The Inside Out Burger at Bubba Mac's

The Inside Out Burger at Bubba Mac’s

A 7 ounce beef burger stuffed with house made jalapeño Cheese Whiz & bacon and topped with a deep fried pickle. Served with skinny fries and garlic dip. regularly RMB 88


The Blue Cheese Burger at L’Epicerie

Blue Cheese Burger: U.S. Beef/Tomato/Lettuce/Blue Cheese/Bacon/Homemade French Fries: regularly 98 RMB

The Chili Burger at Terrace

The Chili Burger at Terrace

Tex Mex Delight! Start with our amazing Chili, add cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, and you’ve got a recipe for down-home goodness! No better way to spend a summer afternoon that with a Chili Burger and a beer! – regularly 85 RMB

The Crab Cake Burger at Enigma

The Crab Cake Burger at Enigma

Homemade fresh crab meat cake with lettuce, tomato, dill pickle on a bun. Served with tartar sauce and sriracha hot chili sauce. regularly 88 RMB

The Snake Pit

General Tso’s Burger at The Snake Pit

Regularly 60 RMB. Add 5 RMB for Cheese

The Lava Burger at The Stage

The Lava Burger at The Stage


The Sriracha Fire Burger at Coyotes

The Sriracha Fire Burger at Coyotes

A quarter kilogram of black Angus beef flame grilled over charcoal with cheddar cheese, pickles, coleslaw, marinated red onion and sriracha aioli. regularly RMB 95


The Little Devils at Volfoni

The Little Devils at Volfoni

Mini Beef burger with jalapeño and “red devil” sauce – regularly 50 RMB

Tandori Chicken Sliders at Enigma

Tandori Chicken Sliders at Enigma

Grilled tandoori chicken thigh with cilantro and a mango chutney glaze. regularly 58 RMB for 4. Served with fries.

X-TA-SEA Mini-Burgers

X-TA-SEA Mini-Burgers

We were the first in Shenzhen to introduce this delicious treat. They were such a big hit that many others have tried to copy our lead, but ours is still the best in town. – regularly 13 RMB each

Check out this video of the first two to become Burger Warriors on August 31st and gain free admission to the awards ceremony.




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