VIDEO: Plane Catches Fire at Hong Kong International Airport

on 10/09/2017 - 09:11 pm

UPDATED 10:20pm: A spokeswoman for the airline has now reported that it was a piece of loading equipment that caught fire while it was preparing to put cargo in the hold of the plane, the Washington Post reports. The container that was on the loading equipment also caught fire in the process, said Martha Thomas, a spokeswoman for the airline. She added that the airline was looking into the cause of the mechanical issue that triggered the fire.


Original article below


At around 5 o’clock this afternoon, American Airlines plane AA192 caught fire at the Hong Kong International Airport. According to Chinese newspaper Global Times, baggage handlers claim the fire was started by leaking oil coming from the undercarriage. A worker is reported to have been injured while trying to escape the fire that damaged luggage and parts of the plane.

Firemen reportedly arrived quickly and put out the fire. According to flight information, the shared flight CX7686 of Cathay Pacific Airways and MH9472 of Malaysia Airlines was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles at 6:10 this afternoon.


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