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8 Ways to Support ShekouDaily

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Help us continue to provide information that helps English speakers enjoy happy, healthy and prosperous lives in Shenzhen, China.

How can you help? Here are 8 ways you can support ShekouDaily:

1) Become a Shekou Angel

Our efforts revolve around providing English-Language news and resources to those that live, work or play in Shekou (home to the largest community of Expats in the city). Your contribution allows us to do this. Together we can continue to offer these and more today, tomorrow and into the future. In addition to the warm feeling you get from helping others, you'll also receive other benefits. Click here to learn more about Becoming a Shekou Angel.


2) Become a Sponsor

A large portion of the support ShekouDaily receives today comes from our sponsors. You can do so for as little as ¥1588 per year for a Business Page in our Listings section or ¥5,578 per year with a banner on our homepage. Want to sponsor something more short term instead? How about this one month banner option for ¥388Not sure which option is best for you? Call 150.1413.9225 or email for more information.


3) Contribute Content

Most of what we share on ShekouDaily is provided by you, our readers. Click here to post your content now. It's free to share eventsactivitiesarticles and classifieds for anything related to Shekou. If you have a tip about something you think we should write about, please email or contact WeChat ID: skdaily.


4) Write Comments and Reviews

Comments and reviews helps other readers know what's good or not. We work to share as much as possible about what's happening in Shekou; however, we try to refrain from giving too much of our own opinions. We rely on you for that! You'll see where to add this info at the bottom of Listings, Articles and News or Blog posts. If you're the first you may see a link under the main title at the top of the page called "Be the first to review this item!" You'll need to be signed in to leave comments or reviews.


5) Share Content you read on ShekouDaily with others

When you see something you like on ShekouDaily, share it with others. WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc., are all great places to post what you like for others to see. The more our content gets out there the better we do in search engines and on social media. Pro tip: The more ShekouDaily content you share with others, the more we love you. We often have giveaways and treats and these days we've been reserving them for the people that share our content often without us having to ask you or bribe you to do so.

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We send out two types of emails. One is our daily email newsletter and the other is our weekend newsletter. When you sign up with ShekouDaily you have the option be added to our mailing list to receive the weekend newsletter. You'll receive a link upon register where you can join our daily newsletter as well to receive the latest of what's happening in Shekou and/or to opt-out of receiving our weekend newsletter.


8) Support our Supporters!

Don't forget to visit the local businesses in the community that support ShekouDaily as well. Click here to see who they are. The businesses with their logo/image by their name are our sponsors/supporters.


Thanks for supporting our mission to provide information for English speakers to enjoy happy, healthy and prosperous lives in Shenzhen, China.