2018 Shenzhen International Summit


Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

IESTREET (蛇口网谷双创街)
102, block A, science and technology building second phase , No.1057 Nanhai Avenue, Shekou , Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

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Come see how HiredChina will join itstreet to build the international living office block of Shekou in Nanshan district in Shenzhen. Admission is free.


14:00 Sign in

15:00 Start meeting
1.Introduction of the current data of the sponsor HiredChina and its WeChat Public Account GuideinChina
2.Introduction of IESTREET
IESTREET is operated by Beijing IESTREET investment management co., LTD. and Shekou Merchants, adhering to building "urban assets innovation upgrade operator" business philosophy, collect innovative resources and drive the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen.
3.Introduction of GuideinChina service union
4.Introduction of the monthly membership form of GuideinChina service union
5.Introduction of the monthly foreigner markets ‘GuideinChina service fair’. There are foreign service booths and foreign start up business booths.
6.Introduction of monthly foreigner job fair
7.Introduction of headhunting service of HiredChina
16:00 Lead all guests to visit the IESTREET, and visit the venues for the next events
16:30 Introduction of today's pre-registered guests.
Every guest has 3 minutes of brief introduction (including company name, who came today, then let him stand up and let the other guests to meet that person,simple introduction to their current situation, product, what is today's sponsorship, what kind of resources they need, what resources they can provide).
All the contents are done by the host.
17:30 Lucky draw, Take pictures , Free exchange


1.Guests can be from visa company, language training center, social media, foreigner events sponsor, beer supplier, international apartment, hotel, international sharing office, international gym, international hospital, foreign insurance, foreign investment, foreign restaurant, etc.
2.Free entry. Voluntary sponsorship, highlighting the company's products and other guests' impressions of themselves.

For example: pizza shops can sponsor some pizza, the cake shop can sponsors some desserts, and red wine supplier can sponsor some red wine.

In the lucky draw, Chinese training center can sponsor free experience courses.

Registration and consultation


Phone:173 2445 2743



IESTREET (Address: 102, block A, science and technology building second phase , No.1057 Nanhai Avenue, Shekou , Nanshan district, Shenzhen.)
Metro: Shuiwan exit C