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Enjoy quality drinks, cigars and live jazz entertainment in the new Mason Whiskey and Cocktail Bar located in the exclusive Maillen Club of Shekou in the Nanshan Foothills. 

Mason Bar provides a sophisticated environment perfect for professional, social or business get togethers.

Formerly, La Luna Bar, Mason Bar is a joint effort between the world-famous whiskey producer Glennfiddich and the Maillen Club.

Come enjoy premium and authentic drinks made from imported whiskeys and gins by resident champion bartenders.

Glennfiddich has also installed their new Glennfiddich Gallery here where you can get your own personalized bottles made of Glennfiddich 18, 21, 28 or 30 year old single malt whiskey.

This cooperation between the Maillen Club and Glennfiddich not only creates this unique experience, found nowhere else in China, but also ensures the alcohol you drink here is guaranteed to be real. authentic and reasonably priced.

Mason Bar's indoor seating area resembles a typical whiskey lounge bar environment. Surrounded by overarching bamboo, the outdoor seating area provides a beautiful and quiet ambiance.

Nestled in the Nanshan foothills at 1 Guishan Road, the Maillen Club is an exclusive getaway for those looking to escape the crowds and treat themselves to quality time in a beautiful environment.

Established in 2002, Maillen Club was originally a members-only club. It now welcomes non-members to many aspects of the facilities. Enjoy unlimited use of their gym, sauna, swimming pool, spa and yoga studio for just 180 RMB per visit.

If you're looking for a place to hold social gatherings, meetings or special functions, Shekou's oldest multifunction hall, dating back to 1872 is there, along with a wine cellar, cigar lounge and other meeting rooms.

The Maillen Club is located next to the Ascott Hotel, past Fraser Place, just outside of Sea World. It's a little tricky to find your first time there but after that first visit you'll never forget it.