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ShekouDaily is a foreign-owned/operated directory and expat lifestyle media and events outlet. We are NOT affiliated with ShenzhenDaily. 


Shekou Daily's Mission is to help English-speaking people feel at home in Shekou. We do this by providing English-language resources about all things in Shekou. We also work closely with local businesses and partners to bring great events to the community.


History was launched in January 2014 as a resource where expats could find information to help them have more fun with friends and family. In just over a year, ShekouDaily had become the most well-known local web site gaining over 1,500 followers in Shekou. We have since expanded to include a daily newsletter of all events taking place each day, a WeChat subscription account to receive notifications via messages to mobile phones, and launched our Facebook page. We experimented with various services and channels to see what works best. Some things worked, some didn't, but we continue to try new things to find the best way to help the people of Shekou live happier lives here. In March of 2016 we launched a new and improved Community Directory hosted inside of China for easier access at We have since grown to share information with over 5,000 readers each month.


What we do

ShekouDaily is a free service.  Shekou organizations and individuals alike can list their businesses and offerings for free. ShekouDaily originally started promoting just food & drink specials; however, we have opened up the directory to include anything people may need to live comfortably in Shekou. We've added information about local schools, charity events, sports event, hospitals and clinics. We goal is to be the premier resource for all things Shekou.

Who we are

ShekouDaily is a foreign-owned and operated web site started under the umbrella of SHP Business Management and Marketing Consulting, Ltd in Shenzhen, China. It is moderated primarily by it's founders Gary Isse and Kiko Song who have been in Shenzhen since 2007. 


If you have any questions or comments about the ShekouDaily or the services offered by SHP Business Management and Marketing Consulting than feel free to contact us at any time either by filling out this contact form or calling Kiko at 150.1413.7004 (Chinese) or Gary: 186.0169.3674 (English). We always look forward to hearing from you.