X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant

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  2. Speaks English: Yes
  3. Western Toilets: Yes
  4. Accepts International Visa Card: Yes
  5. Accepts International MasterCard: Yes
  6. Accepts International American Express Card: Yes
  7. Accepts International Discover Card: Yes
  8. Family-Friendly: No
  9. Chinese Address: 海 上世界
Inside the Minghua Ship
Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen
Sea World, 518067,
view phone0755 2686.7649
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WELCOME to X-TA-SEA X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant has been Enjoyed by Over 10,000 Travelers from 77 Countries in the Past 12 Years Do you want delicious food??? We use the Best Quality Meat we can buy We insure Safe Sanitary Standards are met Our customers say... "X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant has The Best Steaks in Shenzhen" X-TA-SEA has a completely New Menu with many new delicious items for you to choose. Don't worry, many of your old favorites are still served as well. We will also soon be opening Da Patio to add a beautiful shaded outside dining and drinking area overlooking the Water Show behind the Minghua Ship for you to enjoy. Da Patio will have a special menu of its own and will include our comprehensive Western Food Menu from inside the bar. Look forward to seeing you soon.

3pm til Late

Enter the Cruise Inn Hotel (Sea World) Door & Turn Left

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